filix's adventure zombie

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Games Info: Filix's Adventure Zombie
Description: Grzzz ! Come here, i want your brain !
Hah ! New honor game arrived !
Zombie, mummy, skeleton are now in a "vintage" map with a chibi hero ! Smell like "Final Fantasy" series, Bomberman series but totally difference. No bomb, no turnbase RPG, just running, firing and surviving !
★ A young boy named "Filix", who lost in a "forgotten world"
★ New absolute "fusion" gameplay
★ Easy to play for everyone
★ Horror movie style but don't scare, it's so funny
★ Awesome gameplay creation, with over 100 mazes to challenge
★ Collect jewels to buy exciting skills
★ Stunning graphic with excellence characters design
★ Cultural diversity music : Egyptian , Mayan, Indian, European ... will help you concentrate at maximum level especially free time.
We really hope you will like it, and why not give us a chance!
What are you waiting for? Download "Filix's Adventure : Zombie" now!
How To Play: ARROW: Move
SPACE - Ice fire
C - Magic
X - Swimming
V - Speed
Added on: 10-08-2013 Play Count: 1277952